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SNM started off as a company specializing in precision spindle. It has the technology for developing high-precision and long-life spindles, the key part of machine tools. We have a specialized technology related to spindle development know-how accumulated for numerous years.      
We do not only design, produce and supply high-precision grinding spindles, we also develop spindles for specialized processing machines and spindle units.
Moreover, we have participated in the development of high-precision processed parts such as automobile parts and bearing. We have successfully achieved retrofit projects for upgrading precision grinding machines. We are achieving remarkable results in the development and sale of innovative equipment by concentrating on the development of internal & external diameter grinding machines with speed and efficiency.
With our integrated key technologies for grinding machines, we ask you for your continued interest and encouragement so your product facilities are reborn as high-speed, high-efficiency equipment that can contribute to improving our productivity and cost reduction

Manufacture internal/external grinding machines and high-speed ultra precision spindles
-. Develop and produce grinding machines (internal, external, centerless other special purposes)
-. Overhauled and upgraded retrofitting of grinding machines
-. Domestic development of precision high-speed spindles (built-in high frequency  motor type) 
-. (Repair of all kinds of imported precision spindles)
-. Self assured and extensive knowledge of spindles (Hydro -dynamic/static spindles, air spindles, etc.) to develop 
-. and produce hydro -static / dynamic spindles


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